3 Good Reasons to Outsource Legal Services to Small Firm Attorneys


Outsourcing legal services to small firm attorneys is quickly becoming a trend for corporations throughout the state of Florida. As companies face the pressure of budget cuts and spending limitations in their law departments, they are looking for ways to get the legal support they need without having to fully staff their law departments.

In most instances, law departments are under staffed because there is no money available to cover the costs of hiring in-house counsel and legal support staff. Thus, corporations in search of innovative ways to effectively manage their workloads and reduce their operating costs are deciding to outsource their legal Debenture services to small firms.

There are several good reasons to outsource legal services. Lets discuss 3 reasons below:

1. Direct Access to the Senior Partner

Have you ever hired an attorney only to learn you hardly ever can speak with him/her directly? When you outsource legal services to a small firm, you can expect more direct access with the senior partner. You won’t be forced to communicate solely with associates, paralegals or other support staff when your matter requires the attention of a seasoned attorney.

With that said, most attorneys do not work alone and have access to associate attorneys, paralegals and other support staff that assist them with their clients’ legal matters. You can relax knowing your small firm attorney has the support needed to provide effective legal services to your corporation.

2. Smaller and More Manageable Case Loads

It is common knowledge that many lawyers in large law firms are often responsible for large case loads. In some of these firms, associate attorneys are forced to work on legal matters that generally require a senior partner’s attention; while paralegals are asked to complete assignments associate attorneys are more suitable to handle.

In contrast, small firm attorneys are generally responsible for much smaller and more feasible workloads when compared to their larger counterparts. Because they are able to better manage their case loads, they can devote the time and senior-level attention your legal matters require.

3. Reduce Legal Spending and Control Operating Costs

Generally, small law firms have lower overhead and a small group of support staff. They aren’t over burdened by the costs associated with retaining several full-time employees, and they can operate for far less than larger firms. This savings can be passed on to their clients in the form of competitive hourly rates.

In today’s economy, most corporations (large and small) are dealing with budget cuts and spending limitations in one way or another. By outsourcing to lawyers with more competitive hourly and flat rates, corporations are able to reduce their legal spending and control their law department’s operating costs.

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