4 Things To Consider Before You Buy A High Quality Samurai Sword Set


Ancient samurai warriors always carried at least two swords with them, a Katana and a Wakizashi. These two swords are traditionally referred to as “daisho” which means large and small. It makes perfect sense that sword buyers today would want to display them together in a high quality samurai yamato sword set. In this article I will show you how to check your samurai sword set to make sure that they are made of the highest quality.

Some sword owners assume that high price must equal high quality. While this is generally a fair assumption, it is important that you know how to examine your samurai sword set for common defects and flaws. Here is a checklist that you can use:

1. Is the hand guard (tsuba) mounted properly? It should be even on both sides and should not be loose.

2. Is the blade straight? Hold the sword in your hands and look directly down the spine of the blade. It should not sway off to the right or left.

3. Run your fingernail lightly along the edge of the blade. If there are any nicks in the edge, you will easily be able to feel the indentations on your nail.

4. Closely examine the blade for any signs of rust, pitting, or corrosion. Keeping a light coat of oil or Vaseline on the blades of your samurai swords should prevent any type of rust or corrosion.

Purchasing a high quality samurai sword set is very exciting and fulfilling. I believe that this article will help to give you the best possible piece of mind that your set is made up to top quality standards.

The role of history in today’s world embraces many things from an aesthetic sense, to patriotism and down to understanding one’s very own existence. What we are now is what was the utmost reflection of what was then battled for by people. A way of reliving the past is paying the present the respect of upholding traditions and history.

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have a very interesting and rich history. They are ancient Japanese weapons for martial arts, which date back one thousand years ago. Samurai warriors used these swords against their enemies in combat. The 63 inch Naginata Modern Sword has a total length of sixty three (63) inches with a 440 stainless steel sharp and futuristic blade, which has a strong resistance to rusting.


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