Best Home Networking Software – Network Magic Pro Review


Network Magic Pro is a software programme that simplifies network configuration, assists with troubleshooting and performance, and delivers a secure, reliable and effortless way to share Internet connections, printers, files, pictures and more. It virtually connects your computer to various devices such as network storage devices, printers, entertainment appliances, gaming consoles and digital and web cameras. It’s ideal for small office and home.

Devices that can be connected to Network Virtual Magic show software include all possible combinations of existing and future computers and electronics. For home users, trying to get all these devices connected and communicating with each just through Microsoft Windows can be very time’s consuming and frustrating task.

There are several versions of the software:

• Network Magic Pro

• Network Magic Essentials

• Network Magic for Mac Add-on

• Network Magic Basics for Linksys

Network Magic Pro is an easy to install and easy to operate system which also educates you about your home wireless and wired networking, eliminating the time-consuming home network setup and all the frustrations associated to and experienced by average user. This networking software generates a visual map of your current network showing all connected devises and their current status. It pin-points security weaknesses, possible system intrusions and records all disconnected devices. A call-in help centre is available for further customer assistance.

Capabilities of Network Magic Pro:

• Internet access with online activity traced through remote desktop screenshots

• Sharing of files, printers and internet connections on your home networking system

• Network protection through upgraded WPA security facilities and status updates

• Repair of internet and local network connection for continuous online link and operation.

In terms of computer hardware, the program operates on both PCs and Macs. Files can smoothly be shared between them all without reconfiguring anything as the software detects computers, printers and internet connections on the network.

Regarding computer software, the software operates on all main systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Mac Tiger, Mac Leopard or later versions. Depending on the license you purchase, up to 8 PCs or Macs can be connected.

Network Magic software’s most update version is the 5.5. From the 5.0 or 5.1 versions, upgrading is free but users of older versions must purchase the 5.5 version. Upgrading will still retain your settings. It is possible to run versions 4.9 and 5.5 side-by-side on the same wireless, network, but 4.9 versions may not be able to take advantage of features on the newer versions.

Quotes from industry reviews:

“Network Magic enables information flow through and greatly reduces the disorientation of network management…”

“Acclaim for add-ons in the form of wireless protection and file sharing…”

“The revamped Status Center is easier to understand and very useful for tracking activities and security status within the network…”

“Recommendations for support in 33 languages and upgraded parental controls.”

Quotes from consumer reviews:

“Great ease of setting up a home wireless network…”

“Simplifies the management of multiple appliances on the network…”

“The Advisor area with tips and FAQs make it very easy to learn networking information and key areas that affect many users…”

“This home wireless network is value for money.”

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