Choose Custom Orthotics, Not Over-The-Counter


Some times shoes are too cute to not buy; or they are too cute and a good price that overlooking the fact that they aren’t good for your feet is common. With the help of pedorthists, a common shoe can become a comfortable flat or high heel. Custom orthotics help individuals who suffer from foot, knee, hip or lower back pain. A custom orthotic will reduce pain and stress from those given areas, as they are tailored to individual’s needs.

First, you need a cast.

Custom orthotics is casted with latest technology available in fabrication of custom inserts. Pedorthists are able to take a 3D scan of the foot. With aerospace technology, the scanner is able to capture the foot within a hair’s accuracy. Common types of casting are foam or plaster, not 3D imaging. custom orthotic typically take 4-7 days to complete and should be replaced every five years.

A foam box involves the patient sitting or standing with the foot pressed into a foam box that captures the bottom of the foot. Foam boxes provide a clean, easy and efficient method to custom orthotics. However, it is one of the least accurate methods to capture the foot.

Plaster bandage is another option. This is the second most accurate option. It is time consuming and messy, which is why it is not used often. It allows for a natural position of the foot to be captured for greater precision in the final product.

The next step in the process involves making a digital model according to the given scan. It is then sent to a CNC machinery. The router cuts out the orthotic to the thousandth of a millimeter. They are finished with a top cover and any other modifications as needed.

Custom orthotics are completely different than buying a high-end brand name from the department store. Those are generic inserts that may be as specific as reading “for high arches” or “flat feet”. Personal orthotics comes in different accommodations and functions because each pair of feet is different and requires different areas of support.

We are all smart enough to know that good supporting shoes are important for our posture, feet, or eliminating back or knee pain. However, it is easy to fall victim to a shoe sale! It would not matter with custom orthotics. Just slip them in your new pair of shoes and feel immediate comfort!


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