Gemstone jewelry is a prime choice for unique jewelry options


Jewelry makes a premier gift for every woman in your life. Women love diamonds, gold and just about anything that shimmers and can be worn and draws attention. Gemstone jewelry is the perfect way to achieve this without breaking the bank. The other beauty of gemstone jewelry in earrings, pennants and rings is that each piece is unique in its own way.

Stones and gems set in hard rock are shaped by human hands into attractive pieces called gems. There are 12 gems that most people think of when they think of Edelsteine. Gemstones are believed to symbolize different personality traits depending on the month of birth of a person. Initially, gemstones were worn to bring joy to the planet and it was said that the type of gemstone worn affected the daily life of the person wearing the stone. Nowadays, gemstones are considered much more than just random stones, they are worn for their beauty.

The twelve main gems each relate to one month of the year. These gems are often referred to as birthstones. Below is a list of the months and the stone associated with each month. A great way to buy sentimental pieces for a mother is to buy gemstones related to the months her children were born.

January – Dark Red Garnet: This stone represents someone who shows a lot of leadership qualities and who is very strong and intense. It is said that you have a great zest for life and that you have your very own personality.

February – Purple Amethyst: This stone represents a personality that embodies gentleness. You are at peace and giving the same to others. It is said that you are a very religious person with a pure and humble way of life.

March – Light Blue Aquamarine: This stone represents someone who is cheerful and full of life. When others are around you, they feed on your sense of humor and the way you take adversity lightly. You are generous and have a sense of desire and respect for others.

April – Clear Diamonds: This stone is said to represent a person who is responsible, ethical and highly trustworthy in all aspects of the life they lead. You are helpful, persistent and a deep-thinking problem solver. You also have a playful side.

May – Light Green Emerald: This stone is said to symbolize someone who is flexible. You tend to be unique and seek your own path. You can easily adapt to changes coming your way. You have a completeness in your life and joy in yourself.

June – Creamy Pearl Moonstones: This stone represents someone with generosity. You are a peaceful person and seek the gentle things in life. Her ability to touch people’s lives changes her for the better.

July – Ruby red: This stone represents people who are more introverted. They are deep thinkers with an intense view of life. In life one tends to be lucky.

August – Green Peridot: This stone represents people of strong will, tenacity and determination. You thrive because you don’t take no for an answer and are guided only by the limits you set for yourself.

September – Deep Blue Sapphire: This stone represents people who are wise and tolerant of others. You tend to be humanitarian by nature and have an understanding of the needs of others. You tend to show great devotion towards others.

October – Opals: This stone represents a person whose life is guided by principles. You tend to be strong and a capable leader. You often overshadow those around you and are able to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

November – Yellow Topaz: This stone represents a person who is truly selfless. You are wise and compassionate. A great friend to others and an inspiration.

December – Blue Topaz: This stone represents people living life and having fun in everything. Often the person is outgoing, lively, and can laugh at all kinds of adversity. They tend to celebrate success, wealth and life.

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