How to Buy Used Speakers


There is an obvious danger in buying used speakers. You don’t want to end up with somebody’s old blown out speakers. You want to get a nice set at a low price. This can be difficult to accomplish but it is possible. My set up is made up of used speakers. They sound incredible. I got them at a very reasonable price. I can teach you how to do the same.

The first thing that you need to realize is that you probably aren’t going to get an incredible deal. That’s why you should shop at a reasonable level. Don’t look for the lowest prices. They will probably be attached to the worst products. Look at a reasonable price range and you will have a better chance at finding a quality product.

Now, some people do sell bose speakers at higher prices. So, you can’t just take the price for the value of the product. You are still going to need to do some research. I always start by looking up models that have stood the test of time. You want to shop brands and models that people say have lasted for a while. That means there is a better chance that the used ones will work great. Don’t buy a set that many people have had problems with.

When you actually get to the persons house to look at the speakers you need to stay in control of yourself. Just because you’re there doesn’t mean you have to buy the speakers. You can always back out. They might try to convince you that they have gone through a lot of trouble to let you see the speakers, don’t feel guilty. They are just trying to manipulate you. If they look like a bad set, then you should just leave.

If they look good then you should listen to them. If they don’t have them set up ask if they can set them up. If they won’t, then you should probably leave. If they sound great they would want to showcase that. If there is a problem with the speakers, then they probably won’t want you to hear them.

While you are listening to the speakers make sure that you listen to loud sounds and very quiet sounds. You want the speakers to do well at both of these volumes. Listen for any static or humming that shouldn’t be there. If there is any trace of this then you should walk away. Even if it is very quiet it will end up bugging you quite a bit if you get the speakers.

This is just a beginner’s guide to shopping for speakers. Still, if you follow all of these directions then you should be able to end up with a nice set of speakers. The most important part of shopping for used things is not to trust people but still be very friendly to them. They might give you a deal if you are nice, but if you are careful then you won’t fall into a trap.


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