How To Speed Up Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a highly sophisticated piece of technology that enables any user to customize their Internet browsing experience. Although Chrome is piece of technology that rivals no other Internet browser it still has its setbacks and its fair share of sand kicked in its face. Users have reported the browser to be extremely slow at times, taking a long time to direct them to a website and other things.

There are many factors which can contribute to Chrome operating extremely slow, some of which can easily be fixed by following some simple steps, which are outlined below. Factors which contribute to Google Chrome being so slow are things such as: Chrome files have been damaged or corrupt, files have been misplaced or accidentally deleted, Windows settings have been changed or the registry has some issues and problems.

To fix Google Chrome and speed it up follow these steps:

In order to speed up Chrome you need to get rid of things which might slow it down. This includes add-ons and plugins. Although add-ons and plugins are a great way to personalize and customize your Internet browsing experience they also contribute to slowing Google Chrome down. To remove any add-ons or plugins in the address bar type chrome://extensions. Click Uninstall, or Click Disable if you think you may use the add-on in the future. Restart your browser.

Next you should then re-install Google Chrome because there could be some damaged Edwin Urrutia or corrupt files. If you do have any damaged or corrupt files then the computer won’t be able to read them properly, which means it will take longer for information to be processed. To re-install Chrome Click “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs”Locate “Google Chrome” Click UNINSTALL next to it When the application loads, select “REMOVE” (not repair) Follow the uninstall process Restart your PC.

Finally, you should perform a registry scan of your whole computer, this is highly recommended as vital files are kept in the registry, which is very delicate and prone to damage and corruption along with the files inside. The registry scan will detect any of those damaged or corrupt files, which are causing Google Chrome to not function correctly and it will actually repair or replace any crucial files.


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