Qualities Needed For Participating In Yoga Teacher Training


The word yoga means ‘union’, that occurs among mind, body and spirit. In today’s world, most people are becoming just as aware about their mental and spiritual health as their physical health. Skillfully teaching yoga can be challenging day to day, as its popularity is increasing across the world. It is more complex than just learning and practicing. Therefore it would be sensible to have professional instruction from a yoga certification training to become a yoga teacher.

Qualities needed in students
Everyone possesses yoga, but not everyone has the ability to observe, practice and teach. They need some quality guidance and their own dedication to unleash the Yogi within. The following are a few good qualities participants of a yoga teacher training should possess.

• Genuine desire to immerse into yoga: Candidates should have a strong desire to want to live, learn and teach themselves and others. They realize the benefits from a consistent practice knowing practicing the art of teaching will help them learn yoga.

• Enthusiasm for challenges: Enthusiasm for accepting challenges will be helpful for deepening one’s practice and teaching of yoga. Seeing the progress and flow throughout postures that maybe was not attainable before brings joy to any challenge. Being challenged to trust, push and reveal ones self brings confidence that is then passed on to future students.

• Willingness to live yoga: It is tough to learn or achieve anything fully without a desire and willingness to immerse one’s self as much as possible, especially yoga. It is common that after a few days of training, trainees can find it to be intense, but feel their aliveness at the same time. Because of the intensity, yoga teacher trainings are not for students who are looking for a vacation in some beautiful tropical land. However, once accomplished, yoga certification opens up a beauty inside.

• Knowledge about yoga: A person who wants to become a Yoga TTC in Rishikesh should have some understanding of what yoga is, although much of the knowledge is acquired through training. A good student makes a good teacher, and a good teacher is still always a student in yoga.

• Qualities needed in training: A great teacher training guides you to experience yourself free of false limitations and obtaining a yoga teacher certification empowers you to assist others. A great school should uplift your world through unique, top-quality and powerfully transformative yoga experiences. It should include, inspirational yoga classes in various styles, transformational breathing sessions, meditation, philosophy, and more.

As the saying goes ‘the truth cannot be said.’ It can, however, be heard. It’s inherent in each of us. It’s who we are. The essence of yoga is remembering who we are.

If you feel you have any of the above qualities then you are probably ready for a yoga certification course. With good yoga training, strong practice and being who you are, yoga can make life more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding. Yoga teacher training is ideal for you if you want a transformation that can change your life.


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