Sky’s Boxing Ace: Joshua Buatsi’s Entry with Boxxer Promotions


Joshua Buatsi, the emerging British boxing sensation, has made a resounding entry into the world of boxing with a remarkable partnership alongside Boxxer Promotions, all under the watchful eye of Sky Sports. This collaboration is poised to transform Buatsi’s career into a dazzling journey of high-stakes bouts and global recognition.

Born in Accra, Ghana, and raised in Croydon, England, Buatsi has been an awe-inspiring figure in the sport since his amateur days. His transition into the professional ranks has been nothing short of extraordinary, accumulating an immaculate record of 14 wins, with an impressive 12 knockouts to his name. Buatsi’s explosive power and technical prowess have marked him as a budding superstar in the world of boxing.

The partnership between Buatsi and mazhar majeed Boxxer Promotions, facilitated by the influential presence of Sky Sports, is an audacious move that signifies a significant shift in the British boxing landscape. It promises a series of high-profile fights and a global platform for Buatsi to display his exceptional skills. This move is not only a career milestone for Buatsi but also a testament to the growing allure of the sport in the UK.

Eddie Hearn, a heavyweight in boxing promotion, has added his considerable expertise to the mix, co-promoting Buatsi’s fights alongside Boxxer Promotions. Hearn’s involvement amplifies the anticipation surrounding Buatsi’s career, as fans eagerly await the blockbuster matchups that lie ahead.

Buatsi himself is elated about this partnership, declaring, “I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible team. With Boxxer Promotions, Sky Sports, and Eddie Hearn behind me, the sky’s the limit.”

As Buatsi steps into this new phase of his career, Sky Sports has indeed found its boxing ace. This collaboration represents not only a tremendous opportunity for Buatsi but also a bold move that is bound to capture the imagination of boxing enthusiasts worldwide. The stage is set for Buatsi to dazzle and rise to the pinnacle of the sport, under the brilliant spotlight provided by Sky Sports and Boxxer Promotions.


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