The Nike Air Max Skyline – A Cool and Casual Shoe


For those of you who want a cool casual shoe, then you need to really consider the Nike Air Max Skyline SI. With a shoe like this you get footwear that everyone will want, because they are just so amazing. This article will take a quick look into the Skyline and some of the features that the shoe has.

There are many casual vintage sneakers available, however the Nike Air Max Skyline is considered by many to be in the top 10. This is a really comfortable shoe and it is designed specifically for everyday casual wear. It is a great sneaker and you will get a shoe that has the Air Max unit inside the heel of the shoe. This unit will be able to provide you with the cushioning that is needed to give to put your feet at ease when walking.

The Skyline is available for both men and women and it can also be purchased in a wide range of colorways. Some of the most popular colors with the shoe are black, white, grey, orange and inferno. There are different color combinations and they all work together very well. If you want an amazing shoe, then this is definitely the right one for you.

Overview of the Nike Air Max Skyline SI

* A nice lightweight casual shoe
* Leather and mesh upper
* The PU midsole is able to give you durability and cushioning
* The Iconic Swoosh can be located on the side
* All-day comfort courtesy of the cushioned textile insole
* The heel contains an Air Max unit
* The shoe has durability and traction courtesy of the waffle rubber outsole

The Nike Air Max Skyline SI is a casual shoe that is stylish and funky. It is a great casual shoe that looks good and in our opinion it is an excellent buy. You will not regret this purchase and will be definitely satisfied with what the shoe has to offer.


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