The Practical Benefits Of Glass Splashbacks


If you’ve looked into the possibility of glass splashbacks for your kitchen then you’ll probably already be aware of some of the benefits. If you haven’t already discovered what’s on offer then you’re in for a treat, but in order to fully appreciate what glass splashbacks can do for your kitchen, here are some of the biggest problems and gripes people often have about their kitchens and their existing splashbacks, along with a clear example of how glass chopping board could make all the difference.

Fitting & Installing

One of the most popular choices for splashbacks for some time has been to use tiles. Which is strange, because it’s actually really unpopular. In principle the idea of tiles might be good, and certainly when you start browsing the shops you find a range of interesting and attractive designs. That’s the thing with tiles – they’re really lovely, but only in principle. When you get home and realise that you have to start by stripping the wall down, resurfacing it so it’s even, fitting the tiles in one at a time, grouting, cutting tiles to fit awkward corners and around pipes, the whole thing becomes less appealing.

With glass splashbacks there’s simply no problem, because the entire splashback is made in one single piece off site. When it is delivered it’s simply a case of lifting it into position and attaching it to the wall. Cutouts are included for things such as pipes and electric sockets, so there’s no need for all that hard work.


Let’s be honest, no one really likes cleaning a kitchen. Tiles may look good for a short while but the moment you get some oil or other food on them they start gathering dust and looking very tatty. Cleaning them is hard, because often you have to reach out at arm’s length and scrub hard. You have to keep stopping too because you often can’t scrub across more than one tile at a time because the grout stops you. The grout itself poses a problem because this tends to need cleaning separately using different cleaning materials.

Glass splashbacks are easy though, because not only is there no grout to have to clean, the glass offers a completely smooth surface which doesn’t allow foods to stick. Simply spray and wipe, and the whole job is done quickly and easily. If you hate cleaning, you’re going to love glass.


Increasingly we’re aware of just how important it is to make sure that kitchens don’t just look clean, but that they are hygienically clean. Tiles can be a problem because the grout between them tends to provide an ideal breeding ground for germs, mould and bacteria, and many other surfaces provide endless opportunities for grime to gather unseen. Granite has natural fissures, quartz can chip and wood veneer is simply heaven for mould and bacteria.

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