The Role Of Parents In Career Development


man talking to his psychologist

In order to succeed in this area, you need to be sure to listen to them and be open to ideas spoken. Try to help them with further information, and try never to be judgmental. As a parent, you should know that career development and planning might affect your child’s future. There are many ways in which you as a parent can help your child.

o Career Center Visit- Whenever you pass by a career center, don’t forget to pick up a business card. When you find your child stuck and feeling anxious about his or her future, you can offer that business card and ask him or her to call the counselor. Students use their first semester to settle into their college life and this would be the right time for you to prompt them to visit the counselor. Reassure your child that meeting a career counselor can take place any time and it is important to make wise career decisions. Many centers offer full career development and job search help.

o Resume Advice- Writing a resume can be quite a task and a student can identify his or her weak areas by writing one. Suggest that they get sample resumes from career centers, from books, or from the Internet, and then draft one accordingly.

o Encourage them to be occupationally literate- Ask your child what he or she wishes to pursue after graduation; if he or she fumbles with the choice then talk about their strengths or talents and then recommend:

1. A self assessment inventory and analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

2. A talk with their favorite faculty member.

3. Research on their choice subjects.

Career decision and planning should be an ongoing process and not a one-time talk. Don’t force your decision on them while discussing.

o Freedom of decision-Allow your child to select his or her career. Children should always follow their interests and passions, and many may change after gaining more information and developing new interests. Some may end up with a different career, so don’t become alarmed if your child changes his or her plans frequently. Plans will develop and keep changing, so be patient with them. You can make suggestions but never force them to select your choice.

o Suggest an internship- Career Centers do not place your child in a job immediately after graduation and a college degree does not guarantee one, so having relevant experience is crucial. Ask your son or daughter to select a sample career by opting for internships and experimenting with summer jobs.

o Encourage your child to select an extra curricular activity- Experiencing college life and involvement in some extracurricular activities can help develop some all important extra factors, such as qualities of leadership, team spirit, etc.

o Persuade your child to update his knowledge- Encourage your child to read the newspaper and know everything about current affairs. Ask them to watch news or read business issues.


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