Webmaster Tools From Google: Signing Up to Improve Web Visibility


Any webmaster wishing to get more hits on their sites and attract more web traffic needs to have webmaster tools in their arsenal to be successful. A lot of companies these days lack the knowledge in making their sites more suitable for search engines, so they end up having little traffic, and more importantly, less sales.

As a webmaster who manages a site, it is important that you have efficient webmaster tools to help you do the job of maintaining and making sure that the website is indexed by search engine spiders to ensure visibility and high ranking in search engine results. This is where Google can be handy, as it provides tools that you can use as a webmaster to track how much traffic you actually generate to your site. If you haven’t signed up for this service yet, here’s how you can do it:

Go to the Google webmaster home page and register. If you already have an email address with Google for example, then you just have to sign in with it and your password. Upon signing in, you will be directed to the landing page or the dashboard wherein you can find options for your tools as a webmaster.

Once on the landing page, you will immediately see a link that will allow you to add your site to the search engine’s web directory. Once on the right page, prompt will appear directing you to add the URL of the website you wish to add and use your webmaster tools with. Keep in mind that Google will only allow changes if the person accessing the account is the website owner. It may also ask to make small changes to your site as proof that you have complete ownership of it.

Once registration is complete, you will again be directed to the dash board where Google will provide you with statistical data about site traffic, number of back links, and a few other useful information that you can use to improve your site.

Once you have access to your webmaster tools, you have the option to submit a site map to Google for them to update the number of pages found in your site whenever necessary. This allows for search engine spiders to efficiently crawl through the data found in your site and produce better ranking in search results.

The above-mentioned steps can also be applicable to several other search engines that offer various tools for webmasters although with slightly varied steps that are involved in registration and adding your websites.

Google also provides other services that you as a webmaster can use to further improve your site’s visibility. It is important however is that you use this to your advantage and make the necessary changes based on the data you are receiving. If you are getting less traffic from your back linking methods for example, you may want to add to your link base and determine which of the links work and which do not. Google’s webmaster tools can be a great asset to you and to your site, especially if you know how to make use of the important data provided.


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