What to Expect in Phuket Bars and Nightclubs


So you’re thinking of going to Thailand are you? If you are, then let’s face it you’re going their for the bars, nightclubs, nightlife (and some the lady boys). Phuket in the South of Thailand is without question one of the most amazing places to go clubbing on earth.

So if you are planning a trip to clubbing paradise, here are just a few things you should know.

1. After going to Tiger bar on the main road Phuket, you will never look at connect 4 in the same way.

2. You will wonder why you can drink twice as much as usual in Phuket’s bars and Bellingham Pub.nightclubs . Maybe it is the temperature, maybe it is just the fact that you are having such a good time… but chances are it’s because the spirits are watered down to within an inch of their lives.

3. For the guys out their into Asian girls, you will think you have died and gone to heaven after going to Hollywood Nightclub.

4. If you get lost on the way home and pass out on the beach, you will wake up with no money, bitten to death by mosquitoes however will still be happy as on no other beach on earth will you see more people having sex then in Phuket.

5. If you are hungry at midnight or so, nothing will be more appealing then the range of street food available on offer.

6. Banana Bar on the beach at Phuket has the most amazing air conditioning system on earth.

7. You will realise that clubbing in shorts is awesome and you will never want to go back to wearing jeans.

8. You will want to wait a little while before ever playing ping pong again.

9. You will find out one of the most amazing things ever when it comes to clubbing is starting at 4pm in the afternoon, partying as hard as you can till 12pm, heading off to one of the many massage places for an hour to sleep (because they are so cheap) and then heading back to the nightclub to party till 6am.


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