What’s a Drywall Panel Lift?


Professional people who install drywall almost always use a drywall lift to help them with their work. A lift is the key element that keeps them pain free most of the time. They use lifts especially when they are putting drywall up on a ceiling because this involves putting heavy pieces of drywall up over their heads. The lift holds the weight of the drywall sheet while they easily nail or screw it into place.

For your drywall project, you might be better off to rent a drywall lift rather than buying one. They are available from rental companies for about $50.00 per day. This amount will more than pay for itself in the long run because you will get the job done much faster by using a lift. A lift makes tricky vertical ceiling drywall installation very easy for you to do. And, if you use Drywall repair near me stilts along with your lift, the job will be even easier for you.

You are probably wondering how a drywall lift actually works. Well, it is an uncomplicated process and easy to understand. Once you have put the lift together (easily, without any tools!) all you have to do is place a sheet of drywall in the lift’s cradle and hoist it up. Once the sheet reaches its predetermined location, you can then nail or screw it into place. The best way to get a professional looking ceiling is to start at one of the corners and work your way across the ceiling.

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